Currently, reservations accepted online are for the Banner Elk and Beech Mountain locations only.  To make a reservation at another Alpine Ski Center, please contact that location (click on the Stores link above).

- After making a reservation online, you will receive an electronic confirmation acknowledging your information has been received.  If submitting more than one reservation with similar information, the latest reservation received will be used.  We will review the information for acceptance and contact you if there are any questions regarding your information.  Subsequently, we will send you a notification of your reservation and, if accepted, a confirmation of your reservation by email.  Any reservation made online is not valid until a confirmation is sent by our office.

- Clothing and accessory items cannot be reserved.

- Reservations must be for at a minimum of 2 days, any reservations for less than a 2 day period will not be accepted.

- No online reservation will be accepted less than 2 business days prior to the date of pickup.  We recommend making your reservation as early as possible and at least one week in advance.

- For parties less than 15, a $10 deposit is required for each set of equipment reserved.  The deposit is applied at the time you pickup your equipment.  The deposit is refundable with a 48 hour cancellation notice.  If less than 48 hours notice is given, the deposit will be forfeited.

- Equipment may be picked up after 8pm the night before the Day session or the day of use; for example, if you are skiing on Friday and Saturday, you may pick-up your rentals at 8pm on Thursday night or come in Friday morning.

- Return times are 6pm after the day/half-day session or 11pm after twilight/night sessions.  For example, if you're last skiing session is the day session on Saturday, your equipment is due back by 6pm Saturday.   If your last skiing session is the night session on Saturday then your equipment will be due back by 11pm Saturday night.